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Intel’s Arc GPUs Wreak Havoc, Failing Miserably to Run Starfield

Intel's Arc GPUs Wreak Havoc, Failing Miserably to Run Starfield

Intel Arc GPUs Face Major Issue with Starfield Game

Intel's Reputation Takes a Hit as Arc GPUs Fail to Run Starfield

Intel, known for its cutting-edge technology and reliable performance, is currently grappling with a major issue regarding its Arc graphics cards. Reports have flooded in from disappointed users, stating that the highly anticipated game Starfield fails to launch on Intel Arc GPUs. This debacle has tarnished Intel's reputation in the gaming community and has left the affected users feeling frustrated and misguided.

Arc GPUs Lag Behind AMD and

Starfield, an upcoming space RPG, is currently available for early access to those who purchased the premium version(s) of the game. However, while AMD and Nvidia released updated drivers to support Starfield before the early access period began, Intel's Arc driver does not yet have compatibility with the game.

According to numerous reports on social media, Starfield simply does not work at all on Intel Arc GPUs. Players have encountered a range of issues, from the game failing to start to a complete inability to launch the game. Users have expressed their frustration that the game appears to be running in the background, consuming system resources, but the actual game window never appears. This problem has left fans eagerly anticipating the release feeling disappointed and disillusioned.

Intel Faces Backlash and Plans to Address the Issue

Intel now faces the backlash from the gaming community as users voice their disappointment and anger over the malfunctioning Arc GPUs and the inability to play Starfield. With the game generating significant hype and players taking time off work to dive into the early access version, the frustration is understandable.

Intel has acknowledged the issue and promised to work on a fix. However, the company has stated that the solution may not be available until next week, exacerbating the disappointment felt by affected users. In a tweet addressing the problem, Intel assured users that they are working to improve the experience for the game's general release. However, the lack of a concrete timeframe for the resolution has left users questioning the reliability of Intel's products.

Implications for Intel's Graphics Card Progress

This incident is a setback for Intel, which has been making strides with its graphics drivers, particularly with the Alchemist GPUs. Intel had been progressively improving performance levels in both new and older titles, generating excitement among users and building anticipation for upcoming releases, such as the much-anticipated Battlemage. However, the Starfield fiasco has dampened this enthusiasm and raised concerns about Intel's ability to compete with industry leaders like AMD and Nvidia.


The failure of Intel Arc GPUs to run Starfield has significantly impacted Intel's reputation among gamers. The lack of support for such a highly anticipated game has left users feeling frustrated and betrayed. While Intel has assured users that a fix is in the works, the delayed timeframe for its release has only deepened the disappointment. This incident serves as a reminder that even industry giants must prioritize delivering reliable and optimized products to maintain the trust of their customers.

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