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Tips for Safeguarding Your Smartphone from Summer Heat

In the summertime, the risk of your overheating, especially during outdoor use, increases. Ensure worry-free usage with these suggestions.

Your smartphone is a constant companion, but it isn't impervious to harm, particularly from overheating.

1. Understand Your Smartphone's Temperature Limits
Leading smartphone manufacturers advise using phones in temperatures up to around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. For instance, recommends utilizing iPhones and iPads within the range of 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, these limits change for storage. You can safely store your smartphone when the temperature falls between -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check your device's specific temperature guidelines. If the outdoor temperature surpasses these recommendations, it's wise to power down your device until you're in a cooler environment.

2. Avoid Leaving Your Smartphone in a Hot Car
Though it might be tempting to leave your phone in the car while you enjoy the beach or other warm outdoor spots, it's not always a good idea. According to Advances in Automobile Engineering, temperatures inside a parked car can exceed the ambient temperature of your location.

In such scenarios, it's better to take your phone with you to prevent potential heat damage from the car. Consider activating airplane mode or switching off your device if you're concerned about the ambient temperature.

3. Be Cautious of Temperature Alerts
Many phones will notify you if they become too hot. If your displays a temperature alert, Apple recommends shutting it down and moving it to a cooler place.

states that Galaxy phones also show a screen during cooling procedures. It's advisable to avoid using or charging your devices when these alerts are displayed, and wait a few minutes for them to reach a more suitable temperature.

4. Consider a Cooling Case or Pouch
Sometimes, your phone's case can trap heat, and removing it might be necessary to allow your phone to cool down. Depending on your phone model, you might opt to follow iPhone users who go without cases. If you're not accident-prone or own a newer drop-resistant model, this could be viable.

Certain phone cases are designed to help maintain a cooler temperature. For instance, seek out cases with a mesh-style back for better heat dissipation or lightweight smartphone wraps that offer some protection without causing heat buildup.

Additionally, thermal phone pouches like the PHOOZY can aid in keeping your phone cooler. Crafted from heat-reflective materials, this pouch is water-resistant and even floats.

5. Steer Clear of Direct Sunlight
If you spend extended periods outdoors in the sun, take precautions to shield your phone from intense sunlight. Manufacturers like Apple recommend avoiding direct sunlight exposure to prevent overheating.

Should your phone overheat, it might enter sleep mode until it cools down. Many modern phones have safeguards against damage from overheating, so heed these alerts, as mentioned earlier, and place your phone away from the sun until it normalizes in temperature.

6. Adjust Your Phone's Usage Settings
Your phone's usage patterns can contribute to its heating up. Simultaneously running multiple apps, playing graphics-intensive , or recording videos can cause slight warming. Although usually not a major issue, this can lead to overheating in warmer weather.

To swiftly cool down your phone, activate airplane mode and lower the brightness to reduce power consumption. Enabling Battery Saver or Low Power Mode on your smartphone can also help prevent overheating during the summer months.

Maintaining Your Smartphone's Coolness in Summer
As outdoor temperatures climb, safeguarding your smartphone from overheating during the hottest seasons is achievable. While modern smartphones are relatively robust, they benefit from protection against direct sunlight, avoiding excessive demanding app usage, and heeding temperature alerts.

Even though guarding your devices from extreme heat requires some effort, adhering to these tips will ensure your phone survives the hottest days unscathed.

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